About Porto


The city’s movida was mentioned in the New York Times, which highlighted the new cultural, touristic and leisure opportunities available in the city. The article “36 Hours in Porto Portugal”, by the travel journalist Seth Sherwood, highlights new restaurants and thematic wine hotels, among many other places of interest.


A city of great beauty with an impressive balance between history and modernity. The Casa da Música is perhaps the city’s best example of modern architecture. Designed by the Dutch architect Rem Koolhaas, the Casa da Música is currently the principal location of cultural events in the city and attracts big names in the international artistic panorama.

River / Beaches

The view of the city from the River Douro is absolutely astonishing. The scenery is breath-taking and unique in the world. The city’s beaches are all worth visiting, from Castelo do Queijo, to the Ourigo beach. All along the coast, there are beaches for all tastes.

Green Spaces

Porto is full of green spaces. The City Park is the largest urban park in Portugal and has a total area of 83 hectares of green areas. The Serralves park has 18 hectares of gardens, meadows and woods and includes the Crystal Palace romantic gardens.

Animation And Entertainment

Porto is increasingly famous for its nightlife. Just to mention a few examples, there is the Hard Club, in the renovated Ferreira Borges Market, the galleries of Rua Miguel Bombarda and the bars at Galeria Paris and Rua Cândido dos Reis.


The traditional gastronomy of Porto is the fruit of a rich historical heritage. The most famous dish is Tripas à moda do Porto (Porto-style tripe), from which the inhabitants of Porto take their nickname: the tripeiros (tripe eaters). Of more recent origin is the Francesinha, a delicacy native to the city, which, in April 2011, was considered by the American site Aol Travel to be one of 10 best sandwiches in the world.


Porto has mild climate throughout the year. The average temperature in winter is around 14º, while in summer it is around 25º.

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